Table Of Contents

• Timetable to Land a Man16
• The Top Ten Mistakes Single Women Make20
PART ONE: Are you Dating Mr. Wrong?21
• First Impressions: It's Never Too Early to Ditch Mr. Wrong23
• The Résumé Date Checklist24
• The First Date Bill of Rights26
• Top Twenty Relationship Deal Breakers28
• The Gender Divide31
• Second Impressions: Are You with the Right Guy?35
• The Dating Litmus Test39
PART TWO: Twenty Profiles of Mr. Wrong45
Profile 1: The Mystery Man47
Profile 2: Mr. Rush Job53
• The Hot Prospect Background Check60
• What to Do if You Get Pregnant Unexpectedly64
Profile 3: The Disengagement Partier68
Profile 4: The Student/Teacher74
• Quiz: How Different Are You?81
Profile 5: The Benefactor84
Profile 6: The Underachiever89
Profile 7: The Debate Champion94
• Conflict Resolution Tips for Couples100
Profile 8: The Man in Control102
• Are You in an Abusive Relationship?108
Profile 9: Mr. Triathlete112
Profile 10: Mr. Heavy Baggage121
• When Something About Him Doesn't Seem Quite Right: Symptoms of Common Disorders127
Profile 11: The Older Man130
Profile 12: The Younger Man137
Profile 13: The Wannabe142
Profile 14: Mr. Inattentive147
Profile 15: The Mama's Boy155
• Cleaning Up His Act: A Quick Guide160
Profile 16: Mr. Reinvention163
Profile 17: The Mooch167
Profile 18: The Objector173
Profile 19: Mr. Twisted, Sister179
Profile 19: Mr. Noncommittal184
• The Playboy191
PART THREE: Getting Rid of Mr. Wrong and Starting Over195
• Women's Rationales for Not Exiting Bad Relationships197
• Getting Rid of Mr. Wrong in Ten Easy Steps200
• Getting Back Into the Game203
• The Eligible Bachelorette Checklist206
• Ditching: The Song213

Nicholas Aretakis, author of Ditching Mr. Wrong: How to End a Bad Relationship and Find Mr. Right.

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