Dating Litmus Test

For each question, answer as honestly as possible, assigning one of the following scores to it.

0Definitely No
1Probably No
2Uncertain Or Not Applicable
3Probably Yes
4Definitely Yes!

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1. Do you look forward to seeing him when you’ve been apart?
2. Do you find your partner entertaining and interesting?
3. Do you share similar interests, usually agreeing on how to spend time together?
4. Do you find more things to appreciate and respect in your partner as time goes on?
5. Do you have an enjoyable sex life, one that is satisfying physically and emotionally? Does it make you feel good to please him?
6. Are you physically, intellectually and emotionally attracted to him?
7. Does he make you feel better about yourself? Has your confidence or self-esteem improved during your relationship?
8. Does he pay attention when you speak and truly listen?
9. Is he considerate of your feelings and desires?
10. Do you trust him, rather than feeling the need to check up on him to make sure he’s not being dishonest or cheating on you?
11. Can he be counted on to make the right decisions about his finances or professional life?
12. Do you have compatible long-term goals on major issues, such career goals and where to live?
13. Is he supportive emotionally and spiritually?
14. Will you be able to count on him in a time of personal crisis (illness, bereavement, job loss, financial despair)?
15. If you were ill or dying, would you entrust him to make medical decisions on your behalf and care for your children?
16. Does he “give” comparably or more than he takes from the relationship?
17. Can he get over his anger, frustration or disappointment in a constructive way?
18. Is he polite, not just with you, but also with friends, family, colleagues and strangers?
19. Does he take care of himself and encourage you to do the same? Is he a positive and healthy influence?
20. Do you agree on whether or not to have children, and how many?
21. If you do desire kids, do you agree on major child rearing issues, such as education, faith, health care, and discipline?
22. Do you accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses, without trying to (dramatically) change each other?
23. Does he make your life easier, rather than creating more work or complicating matters for you?
24. Can you tolerate his personal commitments and burdens, including children from a past relationship, obligations to relatives?
25. Is he a good person, viewed by yourself and others as someone with strong moral convictions and high character?

Nicholas Aretakis, author of Ditching Mr. Wrong: How to End a Bad Relationship and Find Mr. Right.

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