Women’s Rationales for Not Exiting Bad Relationships:

You’ve taken the Dating Litmus Test several times. Your score started out weak and only got worse. You’ve read through the profiles and found one that fits your man. You may have even found two or more, the kind of guy I like to call Mr. "Double-Trouble"! In any case, this fellow’s attributes fall solidly into the "ditch him if" category.

The writing is on the wall. Actually, it’s a flashing, ten-foot tall neon sign over the highway of your life. DITCH HIM!

So why can’t you bring yourself to do it?

Perhaps one of her observations will sound familiar to you.

Fear: "No one else will ever want me."

Arrogance: "No one knows him like I do. I can change him."

Sex: "It’s not going to be this good with anyone else."

Time: "I’ve already invested so much in this relationship."

Loneliness: "I don’t want to be alone."

Ignorance: "Men are all pretty much like this one, aren’t they?"

Effort: "I’d have to work too hard (lose weight, get a makeover, end addictions, rebuild social networks) to get a better one."

Defensiveness: "You just don’t know all his good qualities."

Nicholas Aretakis, author of Ditching Mr. Wrong: How to End a Bad Relationship and Find Mr. Right.

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