The First Date
Bill of Rights

Reliable: Did he call you when he stated he would?

Accessible: Did he provide you with his cell phone number and e-mail address, in case you need to reach him about an unexpected change in plans?

Approachable: Did he welcome you to contact him at any time?

Conscientious: Is the planned activity both convenient and enjoyable?

Accommodating: Did he suggest and book a suitable place to meet?

Thorough: Were you impressed with the arrange ments that were made?

Polite: Did he show good manners?

Connectable: Was it easy to talk, or did making conversation feel like “pulling teeth”?

Attentive: Did he listen to what you told him or hinted about your personal preferences?

Generous: Did he reserve a table at a restaurant suitable for intimate dialogue, and did he tip appropriately?

Comfortable: Did you leave with the feeling that you would really enjoy spending time together in the future?

Chemistry: Are you physically attracted to your date?

Integrity: Did he seem honest?

Safety: Did you feel secure throughout the evening?


Nicholas Aretakis, author of Ditching Mr. Wrong: How to End a Bad Relationship and Find Mr. Right.

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