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Ladies, you are not alone. Read about what other women have gone through and leave us your latest experience with Mr. Wrong.

Abused but No Longer Confused

I took your book home and there it sat. Until 2:00 this morning, March 4, 2009. I have recently come out of a very trying and difficult relationship of a year. I am in my mid-30's, and he 10 years older. I have sat here back in my home, alone, ...

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Having Children Without Him

I am almost 39, and a successful career woman. I have gone through two Mr. Wrongs- one that I dated for almost 5 years during my late 20's and into my early 30's, the other one I met in my mid-30's, married a few years late, and now waiting to ...

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How Long Should I Wait for Him to Recover?

I met what I thought was the right guy several years ago- good looking, fit, charismatic, lucrative career, nice home, good circle of friends. He represented he "entire package", and we were having a great time as our relationship evolved. I put my career on hold and moved in with ...

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The Mooch

I have been a successful business woman, but contributing most of my savings to my family. I decided to pare down my work schedule to focus more on my personal life. I met a charming yet struggling home builder who was economically challenged. On the third date, I discovered that ...

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The Younger Man

I was financially set, owning an apartment in the city and a substantial inheritance. I am “full-figured” by American standards, and am drawn to “foreign guys”, where shapely women have more appeal. I am 7 years older than this handsome Moroccan fellow. We were together for 9 years. He was ...

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Better Late Than Never

I was dating a guy that was married, but his wife was publicly having a long distance affair. He had two children that he was very devoted to. We enjoyed good conversation and great sex. I was “stalled and on hold.” I was shameful, closed to other relationships, and realized ...

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The Mystery Man

I had my own condo, and finally re-established financial independence after a few failed relationships. I dated a guy that was financially quite well off. He would travel for weeks at a time that kept me intrigued but also off-balance, providing little information to ascertain whether trips were personal or ...

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Better Discovering Late than Too Late

I met a gentleman and we were both divorced with kids. I was professionally successful and independent. He met my kids on numerous occasions, but I have never met his children after almost a year- he has been blaming a bad relationship with the ex. He was laid back, relaxed ...

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Tall, Dark and Handsome isn't the Answer

Unfortunately, I have a pattern of bad relationships. I sought good looking, successful men, controlling, fix me and always right. I know that I am attractive, but also felt I had redeeming qualities of being loving, giving, loyal, pleasing and giving-in. That last attribute was my downfall, as I lacked ...

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The Moma's Boy

I am a successful executive for an ad agency, and met a man that was four years younger. Although I am a take-charge woman in the office and he is a chef, the roles are reversed in the home, where he takes control and I find myself subservient. I cook, ...

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The Player

I am a fairly attractive and successful real estate agent, not having trouble meeting eligible men. I have a propensity for meeting the “player”, the guy that does everything right early on the courting process- handsome, polished and carries himself exceptionally well. I dated a guy for over a year, ...

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